Good in theory, especially where printing is only for internal use, but in practice presenting monochrome lesser quality images to customers or clients can have a negative impact upon your reception and branding.

Inkjet printers use, unsurprisingly, liquid ink for which the machine is cheaper for the initial purchase but expensive to operate.

Toner – a powder - is used in laser printers and costs less to produce a better quality print, however the machine does cost more.

If your business has high print volume requirements, a laser device will save you money in the long run and produce a better result.

Even entry point laser machines can print at 33 pages per minute, saving queue and job turnaround times.

While initial outlay costs are generally higher, toner costs are more economical over time lasting longer and printing more pages.

In simplified comparison laser printing costs less than 10 cents per page, while pages printed with inkjet technology can reach up to 50 cents per page - costs are usually more than double in most cases.

And just like cars, something less expensive can get you from A to B, which is perfectly fine if that is all that is required ... and something that any reputable dealer will tell you upfront.

However, if your line of business demands something rugged, that draws the eye and commands attention, a top of the line machine is required, maybe A3 format prints or higher Colour resolutions are required.

There is nothing wrong with a Toyota Camry but sometimes a pack-leading Lexus is justified!

Scope BI: Innovation in imaging

Innovation in imaging

As an imaging industry innovator, we have recently introduced an online 24/7 self- configurator colour copier/printer service with a ‘No Lock in contract’ to cater for those situations where clarity or unsureness for the future is a concern, but efficiency in imagery is still required.

This unique service offers a range of solutions tailored to suit any budget and printing volume, delivered and installed in just a matter of a few short days with full colour capabilities, network printing, scanning and copying of all paper sizes up to A3.

With very low initial set-up costs, this model each business only pays for the actual consumable resources they use alongside a base monthly equipment rental.

In this way waste is mitigated and over expenditure on printing is eliminated to create the most cost efficient service available for many businesses in the market.

With consumable ordering, service/fault call log and consultation bookings all a click away on our website, we aim to make every aspect of imaging as frictionless as possible.

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