Collection: A4 Colour Photocopier Range

Why Purchase a Photocopier or Printer from Scope Business Imaging?

Scope Business Imaging has been around since 1986, it was founded to dramatically improve the photocopier and printer service offering as customers were waiting far too long for their machines to be attended to.  Scope pioneered a 2 hour service response time for fault calls something that many thought was unsustainable and ‘couldn’t be done.’ Not only has this been maintained, but service levels for photocopiers and printers around the branches all average well under the 2 hour number. In addition, Scope prides itself on preventative maintenance, just like you need to service your car at designated time, photocopiers need servicing to ensure they continue running at peak efficiencies and major issues are more unlikely to appear in future. It ends up saving the business time and money to have their business equipment running better for longer.

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