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Ricoh Sustainability

Sustainable products and services

Our product design, strategic sourcing and manufacturing are all optimised for sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions.

Product design

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) identifies the environmental impact across the lifecycle of a product, from raw materials to disposal.

Using LCA-based design, we set targets to reduce the environmental impact of our products. This can be as simple as designing products to be smaller and lighter to conserve resources.

Strategic sourcing

Setting a green procurement framework for raw materials, parts and products ensures we work with suppliers who meet strict standards and help reduce the environmental impact of our products.

We’re continuing to work to reduce environmentally sensitive substances used in our products, and have established a Chemical Management System to comply with the REACH regulatory framework.


We developed the RICO2RET system to minimise the environmental impact of our products. The system quickly identifies processes with high CO2 emissions and how to reduce them. For example, we developed a tin-free, low temperature fixing eco-toner with less environmental impact in the production process, called PxP toner. By fusing at lower temperatures, the PxP devices consume less energy without compromising print quality.

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