Cybersecurity is a hot button issue following a number of local, high-profile attacks right across Australia.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

This age-old adage has never been more pertinent in a fully networked, connected, IoT (internet of things) world.

When it comes to cybercrime no one thinks of printers.

However, in the context of harsh technology truths, printers can be the most vulnerable infiltration point when it comes to cyber-attack.

Phishing. Malware. DoS. Spoofing. Computer Viruses.

Code Injection/Supply Chain/Identity Based Attacks…the list goes on.

The key issue here is that printers can be overlooked when it comes to a fully secure local area network, especially for those with limited IT knowledge.

Installing and enabling anti-virus software, while highly effective, is not always enough.

Cybercriminals are constantly ‘on the scope’ searching for any vulnerability.

Here, Scope Business Imaging identifies six key areas of concern:

1. Document interception - in a fully networked IT framework, it can be easy for outsiders to view and capture what is being transferred across devices. This can include documents sent to print.

2. Network access - if printer security is ignored, it can be like leaving a window open in Fort Knox. With a unsecured printer as an online access point, cyber criminals can gain access to the entire network, poking and prodding for other security vulnerabilities in all connected laptops, smartphones and desktop computers to access files and documents.


3. Data breaches - Even among those who consider themselves proficient in IT and security, few know that most modern printer/copiers actually have internal hard drives that can store inbound and outbound documents. This presents yet another access point to obtain files if left unencrypted and unsecured.

4. DoS ‘Denial of Service’ attack - while DoS attack typically involve sending a wave of internet traffic to targeted computer systems to overwhelm and immobilise devices, printers present a unique opportunity for cybercriminals with the ‘paper DoS attack’ whereby they can send a wave of print jobs to clog the system.

5. Real-world document theft - in an increasingly paperless world, hard copies of documents can be hard to come by. However, many offices have rather lax attitudes when it comes to physical document safety, leaving them laying around on desks, in printer trays and in unsecured filing cabinets.

Printers are often considered as the office donkey – something that can bare a significant load but need no extra attention in the day-to-day.

The truth is that any modern printer is a highly complex, highly connected device within any business IT network and as such can pose a serious potential security breach if and when attackers strike.

Scope BI has the knowledge and know-how – and a proven track record – to keep businesses large and small across WA safe from cyber criminals when any printing solution is implemented in the network.

From the Pilbara to the South West, and right across Perth Metro, contact Scope today to discuss any concerns you may have across your existing network, or to explore cutting edge business imaging solutions that will keep your scans, copies and prints safe and secure. Our Konica Minolta and Sharp MFP devices have multiple preventive layers of intrusion for your peace of mind.

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