MANAGED PRINT SOLUTIONS: Cleaner, Greener ... and Leaner

MANAGED PRINT SOLUTIONS: Cleaner, Greener ... and Leaner

In an age where every business – and indeed every industry – is encouraged to look inward and contemplate on how to make positive environmental change, printing practices are far from exempt.

While every office has a printing solution, not every office optimises its management.

Business owners and office managerial staff are clearly more focused on the most pertinent day-to-day factors – employees and suppliers, revenue and accounting, clients and customers ... who has time to worry about printing?

The truth is that printing inefficiencies cost not only the environment but also the bottom line.

By considering a managed print solution, any business stands to lessen their associated carbon and chemical waste footprints – and their outgoing monthly printing costs.

Printing can be a dirty business

While recycling and alternative resourcing practices have made tremendous impacts on making printing consumables more environmentally friendly, the fact is that every resource has an associated cost.

Toners, inks, replaceable electronic and mechanical parts all result in chemical emissions from the factory, at the very beginning of the production chain, far before delivery to your office.

There is a culture of using electronic devices – including printers – to the end point of their useful life then junking them, with many destined for landfill. And then there are the associated energy costs.

In a world where electricity prices are ever increasing, and the relationship between the power consumption/ production cycle and the effects on carbon emissions have never been more topical.

Put simply running any electrical appliance that is not optimised to reduce power consumption makes little sense.

Scope for a cleaner, greener, leaner way ...

Managed print options present simplified solutions for business owners and managers to reduce their printing resource usage to a bare minimum.

With a managed print solution, all aspects of print usage are optimised to ensure any resource wastage is eliminated.

This, coupled with encouraging cultural change within the office environment, will move any business towards printing cleaner, thinking greener and operating imaging technology on a leaner budget.

Scope Business Imaging presents bespoke, tailored Managed print solutions for any business large or small.

With Scope BI as a print management partner, flexibility is key in our outlook.

We will recommend not only the latest technology and tools, but present solutions as any need for increasing or reducing capacity and functionality arises.

Negating expensive outright purchasing costs, every aspect of imaging is taken care of - from hardware and maintenance to consumables, servicing and support - for an agreed monthly costing arrangement.

Scope BI clients can rest assured that we also comply with all relevant environmental guidelines in disposal and recycling of all consumables, parts and, when upgrading makes financial sense, entire machines.

We also choose our own supplier and business relationships with companies that share our commitment to lessening printings environmental impacts.

From the Pilbara to the South West, and right across Perth Metro, contact Scope today to discuss any questions you may have in reducing your printing carbon footprint and the associated resource wastage costs.

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