A PRINT FOR THE FUTURE - Where to from here?

Since its inception in 1986, Scope Business Imaging has been leading imaging solutions growing to be Western Australia’s largest copier/ printer supplier across nearly four decades of local service.

Over the years we have played our own part in the ‘imaging evolution,’ guiding Perth and the regions towards greater productivity and efficiency as solutions, technologies and trends change.

Digitisation and convergence have drastically changed the way we work.

Now as the print/copy industry moves forward into the future, we find ourselves at several key points of evolution once more.

We see the increasing influence of cloud computing, where files, applications and information servers are no longer required to be in a physical office space – they are available 24/7 from anywhere, on any device.

Alongside this, are the concepts of the paperless office and digital device integration into existing frameworks.

To put it bluntly, every business needs to embrace what cloud computing represents for information sharing and how it compliments traditional notions of scanning and printing in an increasingly remote and mobile workforce.

As industries and professions diversify and branch out in the digital age, niche technologies emerge to increase efficiency and maximise productivity.

This is – and will continue to be – reflected in printer/copier technology, whereby clear choices tailored to unique needs afford distinctions between considerations including print quality, volume, speed and connectivity.

As we move into an age of Artificial Intelligence MFP’s too will become more like virtual assistants than tools, making use of features such as voice, gestures, insight and awareness to streamline process interactions while producing better results.

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