Standard printer/copier agreements can include regular interval servicing, repair and replacement for all parts and consumables including toners to alleviate all performance concerns from your office staff.

Outright purchase of an MFP can not only be costly, but you can be left to your own devices to manage issues and costs as they arise over time – especially after warranty periods and service agreements come to an end.

Again with the car analogy, rental can be an attractive proposition.

Driving a current model vehicle with less failures and breakdowns, manageable monthly costs, upgrade or downgrade ease, less worry about parts, service or maintenance costs ... it really can be a set and forget approach simply not possible when it comes to outright ownership.

Often renting an imaging solution too can make the most sense.

Operate the most up-to-date technologies available – here depreciating assets and technology obsolescence are entirely mitigated. It is an off balance sheet item and merely a monthly expense; not capitalised.

Outgoing costs are accountable ... with no large initial purchase outlay and low upfront costs.

Parts, service and maintenance costs can be integrated into a tailored plan – effectively customising your own machine to exactly suit the unique needs and requirements of your office.

Scope BI: Innovation in imaging

Innovation in imaging

As an imaging industry innovator, we have recently introduced an online 24/7 self- configurator colour copier/printer service with a ‘No Lock in contract’ to cater for those situations where clarity or unsureness for the future is a concern, but efficiency in imagery is still required.

This unique service offers a range of solutions tailored to suit any budget and printing volume, delivered and installed in just a matter of a few short days with full colour capabilities, network printing, scanning and copying of all paper sizes up to A3.

With very low initial set-up costs, this model each business only pays for the actual consumable resources they use alongside a base monthly equipment rental.

In this way waste is mitigated and over expenditure on printing is eliminated to create the most cost efficient service available for many businesses in the market.

With consumable ordering, service/fault call log and consultation bookings all a click away on our website, we aim to make every aspect of imaging as frictionless as possible.

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