Despite the paperless ‘buzzword’, printer/copier units still have a central place in the modern office.

Different industries have very different requirements in this new-age printing paradigm.

Today’s office looks very different from ten, twenty, thirty years ago – hot desking, hybridised/remote working/ work from home arrangements - the office has actually become a centralised hub where people flow to print, where in years gone by they literally had to be anchored near a printer.

Technology has changed over the decades – and so too have the printer solutions and economic models that flow between industry demands and printer/copier suppliers.

... While every industry is different ...

With digitisation of databases and documents, some industries only need to consider printing more legally binding aspects of business - contracts and notices, summons, servings, laws and legislation – no volume, just reliability.

Others need a greater focus on more official type documents – forms and newsletters, or tests, exams and worksheets – no superior quality, just capacity.

Many simply need to be able to print accounts, cheques and balances – no frills, just consistency.

Fast paced industries require ease of use among larger teams to prints/scan/fax/email-invoices, staff rosters, customer billings – no complexity, just simplicity.

Some require high quality full colour graphics for their clients and customers – no skimping, just impressing.

...Every printer/copier make and model has pros and cons

While modern imaging solutions present units with full printing/copying/ scanning/faxing/emailing capabilities, the variations and distinctions of each and every unit are many.

The considerations are unique to each and every industry, and each and every individual business – considerations which can save day to day headaches and month to month outgoing costs.

Does your business require photograph quality prints?

Does your business even require high resolution colour?

Does your business require high volume, or high-speed printing capabilities?

Does your business require page sizing options?

Does your business require a heightened cyber security assessment to protect sensitive documents from hacks and attacks?

And then there’s the issue of connectivity to an increasing multitude of devices!

... and while every modern business has modern options ...

Business Imaging can be a source of endless frustration in the modern office environment.

Resource wastage, excessive expenditure on high-end units and functions that exceed requirements and technical issue delays all add – unnecessarily – to missed opportunities in day-to-day business.


Managed print is a complete solution that removes all the associated headaches that come with printing.

Negating expensive outright purchasing costs, every aspect of imaging is taken care of – from hardware and maintenance to consumables, servicing and support for an agreed monthly costing arrangement.

This means that any technical issue is just a phone call away, any breakdown is immediately fixed on-site by qualified technicians and toner and paper supply can be fully automated so you will never run out again!

With a managed print solution, not only is capital expenditure reduced but consumables are monitored and optimised to ensure any wastage or over spending is eliminated.

The monthly costing model also makes associated expenditure planned and predictable – no more printing cost blow-outs when large print jobs are required or unexpected maintenance or repairs occur.

... A modern outlook with Scope BI can help you do business better.

Scope Business Imaging presents bespoke, tailored solutions for any business large or small.

As with any business/client association, ongoing relationships are built upon dedicated account management and addressing needs as they change over time.

As a business grows and diversifies and markets and technologies change around them, it needs suppliers who can not only adapt but present solutions that increase internal efficiency and alleviate external expenditure pressures.

With Scope BI as a print management partner, flexibility is key in our outlook.

We will recommend not only the latest technology and tools, but present solutions as any need for increasing capacity and functionality arises – or even where additional units are justified.

Every single aspect of your printing is back to base monitored – from daily usage parameters and workflow to consumables and device diagnostics.

This ensures the solution initially presented is honed, streamlined and optimised for maximum efficiency and minimised costs from week-to-week, month -to-month and year-to-year.

With some of the world’s leading brands in print technology Scope BI has the knowledge and know-how – and a proven track record – to keep businesses large and small across WA ahead of the competition.

From the Pilbara to the South West, and right across Perth Metro, contact Scope to discuss how we can improve your business imaging requirements today.
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